We are Newyokersagainstbratton who wants to remind us that human rights should never be violated. Our fight is against brutality and discrimination against other races. During Bratton’s leadership as the Police Department Commissioner, he failed to draw a line between brutality and maintaining peace and order. It’s time to look for each other’s back to make sure that the dark age will never ever return again.

Even Mr. Bratton resigned, he will never undo the things that had happened to countless families and minorities he arrested in observance to broken window theory. It will forever hunt them as a nightmare. The death of Mr. Garner served as an awakening to New Yorkers that this is not right anymore. It takes someone’s death to end all of this. He was a family man trying to earn a living on the streets to sell cigarettes, he was no serial killer, he didn’t mean harm to anyone. He never deserved that choke that caused his death.