Police Officers

Who is Bill Bratton?

Bill Bratton is the former New York Police Department Commissioner in 2014 to 2016. Prior this position, he served Boston Police Department in 1993 to 1994. His career as a Police Commissioner was both praised and despised by the public. He advocates on implementing adequate police force in the city in cooperation with law abiding citizens in maintaining peace and order of the city. He believes that small crimes such as vandalism should be not be tolerated even at the slightest. His methods in dealing with crimes was influenced by the broken window method which until today remains questionable of its appropriateness and considered as anti-social.


During his leadership in the New York Police Department, the public accused him for misdemeanor arrests and racial discrimination. Because he focused the police forces on the areas where the majority of the residents are black and Hispanic. NYPD was criticized by the public because there were many inconsistencies on their exercised discretions on undocumented instances. All these loop holes fired back against Bill.


New York City today is now the safest city in America but people are still arguing whether Bill’s broken window approach should be credited for it or not. Many say that the success of his rule was overshadowed by discrepancies in the implementation of the laws in the city. Also, they say that there were many undocumented victims of human rights violations, that is why many agree that Bill was not an effective leader. On his resignation day, Mr. Bratton said that he was excited to the new life after his resignation. It offers a whole new picture for him and his family. Indeed, it was the perfect time to leave. He admitted that he was reluctant in leaving the position, however the controversies and criticism outweighs all the reasons to stay.