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Clean streets

Bratton, during his career as the New York City Police Commissioner, criminalize selected groups of New Yorkers in attempt to enforce broken window policy, made him an enemy of several groups. He vowed to eliminate beggars and squeegees from streets. He collaborated with George Kelling (co-author of the Broken Window theory) to ride the streets of New York to take see how the city looks like from midnight to four in the morning.

Squeegees are back

This act of seriousness from Bratton didn’t prevent squeegees from going back to their old habits, demanding payment from passing cars on the street. Infact, New York Post released an article saying “Squeegee men back, BAD OLD DAYS” which raised eyebrows and caused Bratton to act immediately. He said that they will never be out run by squeegees ever.

Death of Eric Garner

Mr. Brattons faced an uprising after the death of Eric Garner, a street cigarette vendor. His death was caused by choking during his arrest for selling loose cigarettes which compelled him to resign. Many believed that choke hold is unnecessary because it’s one versus four. They said that Garner shouted that he can’t breath but was ignored by Daniel Pantaleo (the police officer who choked him) until he died by cardiac arrest. His family was supported by activist to rally against Bratton seeking him to step down as the New York City Police Department Commissioner. Josmar Trujillo, an activist, held a rally outside City Hall with other community activists such as Stop Stop and Frisk movement. They want Bratton fired because he wasn’t able to control his policemen and didn’t do anything to stop brutality targeting low-income people mostly composed of Black and Hispanic races. They pointed out that NYPD can reduce criminality without brutality just like with other states.